My husband took me out for lunch today.

What a special treat!

We talked, ate and enjoyed our time together.

At the table next to us, I noticed another couple. The young lady was pregnant and her husband, a working man. They had met for a few minutes together. But were they REALLY together?

I noticed the soon to be momma, reading something on her phone. Her husband, quickly set up his iPad on the table and read it while waiting on the food to arrive. I don’t think more than a dozen words passed between them the entire time we were there.

How many times have I done that? I may be near my children, but on the phone. I may be  cuddling with my husband, but watching something on the computer or checking my email. I may be at the dinner table, but some electronic device is near by. I love to do crossword puzzles on my phone ( I am convinced it is good for my aging brain), but at what cost?

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. – Barbara Bush

How much of the time we spend with our families is spent with a screen between us, in front of us or around us! We tend NOT to live in the moment, embracing those close to us with the arms of our attention. How easy it is to squander the moments together that soon become an hour, a day, a lifetime . . . never to be relived.



It is time for WAR!

I need to fight against the encroachment of these devices on the time our family spends together and learn to live in the moment with those I am with!


Here are some suggestions:

1. Be aware of the tendency to have devices around us.

2. Stop, look at each other in the eye, listen completely.

3. Try to eat at least one meal together and have something special you do during that time:

– Younger children can share what they learned during the day

– Discuss politics with your older children

– Play an educational game at the table to open conversation i.e. Brain Quest

– Read the Word

– Go around giving everyone a chance to say what they are thankful for

– Laugh

– NO PHONE CALLS or ELECTRONICS allowed at the dinner table

–  Share your family stories at the table

4. Spend an evening a week playing table games with something that doesn’t take batteries

5. Find a GREAT read aloud book and read a chapter a day together

I know what I SHOULD do, but I  struggle… Today I want to begin a WAR against these devices taking over my family relationships! Today I commit to treasure each moment to the fullest and not allow devices to steal time from those I love.

Are you with me?!

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4 Responses to Together?

  1. Debbie Meliti says:

    Thanks Kathy for sharing your thoughts. They are the thoughts most of think but don’t put on paper.

  2. Pam says:

    I love this! I’ve been thinking lately that I’m getting too attached to my iPhone – there’s just always a reason to pick it up and look up something. Thanks for the good word!

    • Pam, I understand!! I feel the same way about my Droid. I struggle with the desire to always have something I am reading, doing or listening to. It is getting harder and harder to just BE! I am grateful that you were blessed.

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