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Looking through His Glasses

It started with a general feeling of ┬ámalaise. I had company for dinner and a Bible study. I couldn’t concentrate. I kept feeling worse. By the time I pulled back my covers, and crawled into bed, I was shivering. I … Continue reading

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Cherishing the Moment…

Homework! Algebra! Taming of the Shrew! Essays! Dare I say, what a blessing? Most of the time I run through life, exasperated at the interruptions, when the interruptions are really what life is all about. “Happiness, not in another place … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Commonplace

At the basis of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom is the unaffected loveliness of the commonplace. ~ Oswald Chambers Today, give me Your perspective Lord, show me the beauty in the commonplace.

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Morning Boost!

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. ~ Arabic Proverb Some Friday FUN! How about a healthy GREEN smoothie? My family loves this healthy drink, I hope you enjoy it too!! In a blender … Continue reading

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My husband took me out for lunch today. What a special treat! We talked, ate and enjoyed our time together. At the table next to us, I noticed another couple. The young lady was pregnant and her husband, a working … Continue reading

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